Intrafashion Group A.V.E.E. offers the system of franchising for every location in the world, completely covering the promotion of the product and the management of the company.

The system’s operation is simple, so that the franchisor can concentrate exclusively on maximizing the sales.

The candidate should have a knowledge of the market and represent the core values of the company which are summarized in two words: honesty and impartiality.


INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E undertakes the following:

-Provision of a full, extensive and varied Collection

-Stock assurance through features and directions

-Provision of products that meet your needs

-Setting up and implementation of the business plan of your store

-Weekly Inspection and supervision of the store by company executives

-Visual merchandising every 15 days

-Important know-how and experience in franchising

-Development of innovative advertising and complete management of the marketing of the product.

-Provision of continuing education



-Retail area: 150 s.m. - 200 s.m.

-Exclusive Pink Woman’s store, internal design.

Business requirements:

-Store management team (IT, warehouse, etc.)


Sales and refund system:

- Intrafashion Group provides the products to the franchises shops based on a sales and refund system.

-The stores are connected to the Intrafashion’s Group central offices, through a computer program, which enables ordering, clothes and information exchange.

Design costs of the store:

-Project’s interior design and materials


-Advertisement support



Country of establishment: Greece

Commencement of operations: 2004

Franchise beginning: 2004


Initial Franchisee education: Provided

Initial staff training: Provided

Continuing education: Provided

Manuals of operation: Provided


Research-market valuation: Provided

Feasibility studies: Provided

Finding of a store: Supported

Store Rating: Provided

Architectural drawings: Provided

Possibility of delivery with “the key in hand”: Existing


Franchisee Employment: Desirable

Franchisee Experience: Desirable

Minimum staff: 2


Exclusive area: Provided

Contract duration in years: 5


Development plan: INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E. is interested in developing franchise deals both in Greece and abroad.

The proposed points of sale are as follows: Mainland Greece, Prefecture of Attica, Prefecture of Thessaloniki North Aegean Islands, Sporades, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

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