Return a product

Upon receipt of your order, you should check that the products correspond to your order and mark, otherwise, on delivery note and in form of handwritten comments along with signature, any anomaly related to possible defects or quantity of products. You have also to advice us by fax (+302510230851) or via email ( such remarks the same day or the latest within the next working day since order receipt. Any request been framed outside this period would not be acceptable and releases Pink Woman from any liability to Customer, thus deemed to accept the products as they are delivered and not any change on them be acceptable thereinafter.

Should all aforementioned be met and as long as the products are defected, you should send them back along with this form, within 2 days at the latest, after delivery to the following address: INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E. , POLYSTYLO, KAVALA, PC 64003, ATTENTION ESHOP.

The return of products would not be accepted unless such products are defective and in their original condition, with their original package and original labeling on products. Please note that defective products are only those inappropriate to wear and in no case the products that deviate from photos posted on our website due to expected variations on photos taking and posting. The returns of goods are without charges. In all other cases the shipping costs are in charge of you.

Should upon receipt of products by our company and should their defectiveness be ascertained by us, we will contact you within 30 days in order to state us in written (my email or fax) if you wish, since you have already paid the price, either the return of price and the mode of its return or the replacement of the defective products with identical products, if available, or with equal-value products.




above 29€ (in Greece)
DELIVERY in 2 days*
*in Greece, depending on the delivery address

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