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You, the users of this site, agree that whatever information you provide when using it, are voluntary and after you have read and accept the terms of use and personal data protection of pinkwoman-fashoon.com. Providing the requested information is essential both for correct and timely execution of your order ass for maximum protection of trade through pinkwoman-fashion.com. The users’ particulars (name, occupation, email address, home address, etc.) and transactions data of e-shop users as considered to be confidential, as in ordinary commercial transactions with a commercial shop. The users in the provision of their data in the framework of their transactions as the present does, will be informed by « INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.» that they agree with and accept to these upcoming processing of such personal data, for the needs of a smooth and easy transaction between the parties. It is explicitly stated that recipients of data and information you provide us are solely the agents and employees of company in the framework of a transaction execution.

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Collection of information

Pinkwoman-fashion.com designed its website in such a way so that its users may visit it without having to reveal their identity unless they wish so. The users of our site are kindly requested to provide us information about their personal data only in case they want to order products, subscribe to our website and/or send email to pinkwoman-fashion.com.

Use of Information

Pinkwoman-fashion.com collects four types of information related to users: 1) information the user gives us when registering as a customer and 2) information the user gives us for his/her order executed by pinkwoman-fashion.com, 3) data the user gives us on competitions taking place occasionally, 4) data the user gives us for phoning and internet services activation. During any order form filling on our website, your name-surname, address, are postal code, email address, phone number, credit card data, mode of your order payment and information for your order shipping-delivery will be requested from you. Pinkwoman-fashion.con will use such information provided by you during the electronic transmission of form in order to be in touch with you regarding the proper and safe execution of your order. You can choose whether or not to receive such communications from pinkwoman-fashion.com by sending your request via e-mail to email address dpo@pinkwoman-fashion.com.

Access to Information

Each order execution and products delivery necessarily requires the collection of personal data. Any voucher copy and supporting document that verifies and discloses the customer’s identity remains strictly confidential and is only controlled by the head of pinkwoman-fashion.com department. The filling and production by you of your personal data means that you consent such data be used by pinkwoman-fashion.com for all aforesaid reasons. Therefore, the fact that you order products through pinkwoman-fashion.com and the acceptance of such a transaction means that you accept the receipt and processing of personal data you provide, for the above reasons, and within the above framework, by pinkwoman-fashion.com.



Cookies are small text files sent and stored on user’s computer, allowing sites, like pinkwoman-fashion.com, to operate smoothly and without bugs, multiple user’s choices be collected, recognize frequent users, facilitate their access to it, and data collection for website content improvement. Cookies are not causing damage to users’ computers and the files stored by them too. They are used to provide you information and put your orders through, and they got automatically deleted at your exit from site. You have to know that cookies are absolutely necessary in order pinkwoman-fashion.com website be properly and smoothly functioning. You may settle your browser in such a way to warn you about the use of cookies on specific services of pinkwoman-fashion.com, or not allowing the use of cookies at all. If you don’t want to make use of cookies for your identification then you wouldn’t have further access to such services.

Correction, Modification or Deletion of Information

Pinkwoman-fashion.com allows its users to correct, change, complete, or delete data and information provided. If you choose to delete the information, pinkwoman-fashion.com will act so that such information is directly removed from files, after it will first try to identify the person requesting the change with the person to whom the information concerns. For any relevant information, you are kindly requested to send email to dpo@pinkwoman-fashion.com address.

Secure on-line transaction

Pinkwoman-fashion.com undertakes to ensure the security and integrity of data collected in regards with its website users and it therefore takes the necessary steps that the personal data you the users provide in any way will be protected. Such procedures protect the users data against any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and alteration or destruction. Pinkwoman-fashion.com uses SSL protocol, with 128-bit encryption (the most powerful in nowadays), for secure online commercial transactions. All your personal information is in this way encrypted, including the number of credit card, your name, and address so that they will not be readable or modified during their transit over Internet. The Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol is in nowadays the global standard in Internet for websites certification to web users and data encryption between web users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server be encrypted by dispatching software and decrypted by the receiving software protecting so personal information during transmission. Furthermore, all information sent by SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically detects if the data have been modified on transmission.

Periodic Changes

Please be advised that pinkwoman-fashion.com is constantly improving its website and the relevant to it products. In this context, it will renew and amend these terms without prior notice to users. We therefore recommend that you regularly review these terms, in order to be informed of any changes made to the content of current personal data protection policy.


Your subscription to the Company newsletter Service is exclusively voluntary and serves your desire to be informed individually by the Company for non-trading purposes, i.e., for purposes of direct marketing and / or promotional activities, such as participation in competitions or emails that we send periodically to those who have subscribe to our newsletter. It is not a condition of making a purchase from our Online Store or for the provision of our other services, including your simple browsing of our Website. Your subscription to the newsletter Service is completed by entering your e-mail address in the corresponding field of the Website. In each of your subscriptions to the newsletter Service you are given the opportunity to declare through the relevant unsubscribe option (unsubscribe), or via e-mail to dpo@pinkwoman-fashion.com, that you do not wish to receive other newsletters from the Company.

Your subscription to the newsletter Service automatically implies your explicit consent to be sent to you for the above non-transactional purposes, information and promotional material for the Company's products and services as well as relevant advertising messages as specified in the paragraph V of the Statement of protection of personal data and privacy policy, which is posted on our website.

The Company is not responsible if the newsletters are not delivered to their destination, although it makes every effort with ISP’s (Internet Service providers) to deliver them. Newsletters can end up in the spam folder, so please check regularly that they are not stored there. In case you wish to no longer receive informative newsletters or you wish to unsubscribe altogether from the Company's news submission system, you can inform us using the contact form of the Website or through the corresponding link that appears in our informative emails you receive. The Website uses a provider (3rd party company) to identify (tracking) the recipients of newsletters. The Company does not provide or generally transmit to third parties information about your name, surname, email address or other personal data, with the exception of those authorized partners who provide us with their services, so that we can contact you to inform you for our products and services. In any case, the Company will not make available for sale or otherwise transmit or publish personal data of visitors / users of its website to third parties, except for the above-mentioned authorized partners, without your consent, except for the implementation and compliance with relevant legal dictations and obligations to the competent authorities only.


Our goal is to contact you to receive our electronic updates on the company's products and offers, always with respect for your privacy and in accordance with applicable law. For this reason, we work with the company "Contact Pigeon", which is based in Europe, who offers its services to us as one of our authorized partners and as Executor of the processing of your personal data exclusively for the above processing purposes, on our behalf (Editor). This partner of ours as Executor of the Processing does not proceed with any processing of your data, apart from the above purposes. We have installed Contact Pigeon tools on the Website, such as newsletter subscription forms, contact forms, personalized product banners, competition forms and other campaigns conducted through the Network that you might come across while browsing. These tools enable us to collect personalized information for the users of our Website and in general for the consumers of our services / products.

When you submit your email, your social media profile or any other personal data in such forms and campaigns, Contact Pigeon collects on our behalf and on our behalf safely stores the personal data you have chosen to share with us, such as your email, your name, your gender, your location, taking all the technical and organizational measures appropriated to them as Executors. Contact Pigeon may also collect your browsing habits on the Website or your interaction with our other marketing activities, in order to identify the products and product / service categories that may be of interest to you and your consumer profile in general, as well as the products you have purchased from us.

Contact Pigeon collects, processes and stores your personal data on our behalf and will never sell or share this data with any third party unauthorized by us or you. Contact Pigeon may use this data for reporting or technical support services. In the event that we terminate our cooperation with Contact Pigeon, Contact Pigeon will immediately and permanently delete all personal data collected by us, related to the Website and to which Contact Pigeon had access exclusively to provide its services to our company.

If you do not wish us, Contact Pigeon or the companies affiliated with the Website to process and store the personal data you have provided to us through the Website, you may submit to us the relevant request for the deletion of your personal data as specifically defined in Privacy Policy posted on the Website.


Welcome to Online e-shop of Pink Woman. The company details are: «INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.» (Company House Reg. No. 61320/53/B/06/014), registered office, Alimos, Athens and VAT Reg. No. 999158737.

Each product sell made through pinkwoman-fashion.com, the corporal web address of ««INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.» (Company House Reg. No. 61320/53/B/06/014), with registered office in Alimos, Athens and VAT Reg. No. 999158737, is governed by the current trading terms and conditions of use that are also posted on pinkwoman-fashion.com. By entering the pinkwoman-fashion.com web site and making use of the e-shop services, it is unquestionably deemed that you consent and unconditionally accept these terms making no exception. If you do not agree with these terms, you must refrain from the use of this e-shop and any transaction made with it. The shipping of your order implies acceptance of this Agreement and all terms and conditions thereof. You are therefore kindly requested to read them carefully. It is also noted that the use or purchase of any other services supplied by the online e-shop of pinkwoman-fashion.com is subject to the current general terms, unless expressly indicated deviations from these terms.

1. Products information

The photographs illustrating the products are indicative and in no way may bindingly operate against « INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.». Moreover and in regards with the characteristics and descriptions of products provided by our affiliates and suppliers, « INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.» is relieved of any liability with regard to the cogency of their content.

2. The article for sale

The characteristics of the products sold are available and you can find them by following the search instructions listed on the web address pinkwoman-fashion.com and selecting the name of the respective product.

3. Prices

Prices listed on website are in Euros and include all tax burdens (--% VAT), excluding shipping costs. The shipping costs are in charge of the Customer and appear during the order, and invoiced by the end of the order over the price of selected products. Pinkwoman-fashion.com reserves the right to modify the product prices of web address at any whatsoever time. It is nevertheless bound to apply prices quoted on the website at the time of your order.

4. Availability

Note that we execute your order depending on our stocks available, and that the reported products availabilities are indicative and not binding. Shouldn’t any of our products be available in our stocks, we are committed to communicate with you via e-mail within 2 working days since the date of order, informing you of the deadline within which the product can be delivered to you or for the complete possibly lack of this particular product.

5. Modes of Delivery

Pink Woman dispatches its products in the following ways: 
Express Delivery that allows you to receive your parcel within 3 working days for shipments within Greece made by courier firms (assuming as start date the date of dispatch and not the order date and taking into account the working only days).

The order will be ready within days provided that the product you ordered is available in stock, otherwise, in the same always subject, it will be prepared within the next working day.

The ownership of the product is transferred after full payment, while the risk passes on delivery.

Additional information may be requested or even required for your purchase validation. Therefore, and in order to avoid any delay, you are called upon to make your order using one at least active and patented or professional email address and a telephone number (at work or home) so we can contact you at any time.

Moreover and for any order made by a credit or debit card the amount of which exceeds the limit set by « INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E. » (€ 250.000), you will be asked to send us your identity card and a proof of residence via fax, email, or mail. We are sorry for the inconvenience that might cause you, these, however, measures demonstrate our resolve to protect our customers from possible frauds with credit or debit card.

The shipping costs depend on the total weight of products you will choose and the place of delivery. The delivery times indicated on the web address are indicative and may possibly be modified. « INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.» will endeavor to send you the products within the working days indicated as delivery time for each product on website or on order confirmation. Please note that a 24 hours delay is quite expectable in terms of delivery of the order, because for security reasons, all orders paid by a credit or debit card are subject to verification by pinkwoman-fashion.com.

« INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.» cannot be held responsible for consequences due to delivery delay or loss of your parcel caused by carrier.

Shouldn’t your parcel be delivered within the indicated deadlines, «ΙNTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E » will make a check at first over the carrier that may last up to 15 days the maximum. During such a period not any refund or reshipment can take place. Since no action would be taking within the 15 days period, the order is cancelled, and in case you have paid the price by a credit or debit card, the price is refunded to you within 10 the latest days since the expiration of such period. The way the price will be refunded will be established after a personal contact made with you either via email or telephone, since the necessary written identification of data and particulars has foremostly been done. In any case, the aforesaid cancellation of order cannot establish any liability for «INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.».

6. Payment

Pink Woman makes available to you the following payment methods: by a credit or debit card or cash on delivery. The on-line payment by a credit or debit card is made through the «Secure Socket Layer» security system that provides your banking data encrypting when transmitted over the network.


7. Security of transactions

Your payment transactions via credit card will be completed through Piraeus Bank internet banking system which uses SSL protocol with 128-bit encryption (most powerful in nowadays), for secure online trading transactions. In this way all your personal information encrypts including the credit or debit card number, your name and address, so that they cannot be read or modified in transit over Internet.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol is, in nowadays, the global standard on Internet for certifying web sites to web users and data encryption among the web users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a customer and server to be encrypted by the dispatch software and decrypted by the receiving software, protecting though personal information during transmission. Furthermore, all information sent by SSL protocol, are protected by a mechanism that automatically detects is the data have been modified on transmission.

8. Cancel an order

The pinkwoman-fashion.com has a mechanism to cancel an order (in whole or in part) after it has been registered. To cancel any order (in whole or in part) should e-mail to eshop@pinkwoman-fashion.com or fax at (8004000990). Such a feature is provided if the email or fax will be received by us during working days at 14:00 the latest and no later than the time you will be informed by us for your order shipment.

9. Return a product

Upon receipt of your order, you should check that the products correspond to your order and mark, otherwise, on delivery note and in form of handwritten comments along with signature, any anomaly related to possible defects or quantity of products. You have also to advice us by fax (8004000990) or via email (eshop@pinkwoman-fashion.com) such remarks the same day or the latest within the next working day since order receipt. Any request been framed outside this period would not be acceptable and releases Pink Woman from any liability to Customer, thus deemed to accept the products as they are delivered and not any change on them be acceptable thereinafter.

Should all aforementioned be met and as long as the products are defected, you should send them back within 2 the latest days after delivery to the following address: INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E., VOULIAGMENIS AVENUE 512 ALIMOS ATTENTION ESHOP.

The return of products would not be accepted unless such products are defective and in their original condition, with their original package and original labeling on products. Please note that defective products are only those inappropriate to wear and in no case the products that deviate from photos posted on our website due to expected variations on photos taking and posting. The shipping costs in case of defect on products are borne by us. In all other cases the shipping costs are in charge of you.

Should upon receipt of products by our company and should their defectiveness be ascertained by us, we will contact you within 15 days in order to state us in written (my email or fax) if you wish, since you have already paid the price, either the return of price and the mode of its return or the replacement of the defective products with identical products, if available, or with equal-value products.

10. Force majeure

« INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.» is not responsible for delays in carrying out (delivery included) due to circumstances not attributable to « INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.» fault or due to major majeure and will be entitled to an extension of time for carrying it out. Illustrative examples could be the strikes, acts of terrorism, war, problems on suppliers / transports / production, fluctuations in exchange rates, governmental or legislative acts and natural disasters. Should such incidents last more than 2 months, either contracting party without compensation may terminate this Agreement.

11. Modification of Agreement terms

« INTRAFASHION GROUP A.V.E.E.» reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions of trading. Such a modification or renewal will be effective from the time this text would be updated for any such change.


Should any part of this Agreement be established void or unenforceable, the remaining Agreement will continue to apply.

13. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

The European and Hellenic Law, especially the enactments that regulate issues related to electronic commerce, remote sales, and consumers’ protection, shall govern this Agreement and be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Justice for Kavala.