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Memebership Card

The holder of the membership card of INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “card”) unreservedly agrees and accepts that:

1) The membership card of INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A. is granted to its holder upon request by the company INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A.  (hereafter referred to as the “Company”), but remains the property of the Company for the duration of the loyalty program. The possession and use of the card automatically implies acceptance of these terms of use. Any natural entity over the age of 16 has the right to complete the relevant membership application in physical form, which he/she should then submit to any store of INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A., operated either by the Company or third partners of the Company, members of INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A., provided that the stores operated by the Company’s third partners are included in the loyalty program (hereinafter referred to as the “PINK WOMAN products stores”). The applicant becomes a member and is entitled to the benefits of a member, when he/she receives the card with the details of the new member. The validity of the card is determined exclusively by INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A.

2) The PINK WOMAN membership card is not a credit or debit card. The card holder may not conduct any transactions with this card, but is only entitled to its benefits, as set forth and communicated periodically by the Company. Under no circumstances can this card and the benefits it grants be refunded for money.

3) The membership card is activated by filling out all the required details of the respective application by the card holder, its signing and delivery to any PINK WOMAN products store from all stores operating in Greece and participating in the loyalty program. Also, the card gives its holder benefits for as long as the loyalty program is valid.

4) The benefits of the loyalty program are listed in a prominent spot at the PINK WOMAN products stores participating in this program and at, as they are made publicly available to the consumers at regular intervals as per above.

5) The Company has the right at any time to modify or cancel the loyalty program and its terms (in whole or in part) without prior notice to the card holder and without the need for his/her consent.

6) The card holder may use the card at all PINK WOMAN products stores provided that the stores operated by the Company’s third partners are included in the loyalty program, according to the specific terms of the program that will be communicated to the consumer through an announcement at a prominent spot of every participant in the program store and at

7) The membership card is strictly personal, non-assignable and non-transferable to any third party. Use of the card is made solely by the beneficiary holder by displaying his/her ID or other evidence of his/her identity.

8) The card grants its holder benefits for as long as the loyalty program is valid. The Company reserves the right to alter the card’s validity at its sole discretion.

9) The Company has the right to terminate the contract with the card holder at any time, without notice or reason, or to prohibit any use of the card.

10) The Company is entitled to unilaterally modify any term of use of the card, including the way of calculating points, the amount of rewards for purchases, the specific stores to which the loyalty program applies, according to their policy, as well as to terminate totally or partially the loyalty program. Any such modification or termination applies without the prior written communication or consent of its holder and will be communicated to the consumer at a prominent spot of each participating in the program store and/or at

11) If, for any reason, the Company changes part or all of the terms of use of the card or if the Company decides to terminate partially or completely the entire loyalty program, the holder has no claim against the Company if, upon signing the application and accepting these terms, he/she acknowledges that this is a loyalty program provided solely at the Company's discretion and can be modified or terminated at any time, and he/she waives with his/her application and acceptance of these terms his/her right to any claim.
12) The Company has no obligation towards the card holder for any breach of performance or inaccurate performance of the obligations of the affiliated companies or stores.

13) The card holder is obliged to return the card the first time it is so requested by INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A., keep it, and maintain it in good condition and not to pass it for re-use to another person. In case of loss or destruction of the card, the holder will have to declare it directly to INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A., so as to avoid its fraudulent use and enable its replacement.

14) The card holder must notify the company INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A. of any changes in the details he/she declared (such as address, mobile phone number, e-mail address), otherwise the Company will not be responsible for any loss of mail or communication failure.

15) With the card application, the card holder accepts that the Personal Data he/she declared in the application will be processed by the company INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A. INTRAFASHION GROUP S.A. keeps a file and shall process the Personal Data listed in the PINK WOMAN membership card application for the sole purpose of supporting and direct marketing and advertising the Company's products (including by direct mail, e-mail, and texting), expressly excluding any trading of personal data or other use. The card holder retains the rights to update, access, object and delete his/her Personal Data, in accordance with the specific provisions of the applicable personal data protection legislation.  Moreover, every card holder who does not wish to receive any information through promotional messages either via direct mail or SMS for offers/discounts of the Company’s products in accordance to the above, he/she may request it at any time by sending an email to and mentioning the full name and card code, or by calling at 8004000990.

16) The owner has the right, whenever he/she so desires, to request the deletion of his/her data, return his/her card to the Company and declare that he/she no longer wishes to participate in the Company's loyalty program.

17) The membership card and loyalty program are valid only in Greece.

18) These terms are governed by Greek law. The courts of Athens are the competent bodies for resolving any dispute that may arise from their implementation.